To the Mil

About To The Mil

At 26, looking for a new adventure in life, I decided to come to Australia to look to expand my knowledge of carpentry and architecture.

My first job in Australia was working on a young Architect's home called 'Peter Stutchbury'. This opened my eyes to a whole new world of hardwoods, precision, old school joinery, innovative construction methods and carpentry/architectural craftsmanship on a grand scale. I was hooked.


Our greatest reward come from the satisfaction of our clients.

Growing up on the building sites in Ireland working with my father, a master stonemason, is where my first example of craftsmanship was embedded in my psyche. As a young 9 year old boy, sorting through stones to select the correct and only one that could be used in that exact position, gave me an eye for the minutiae that most people cannot even see.

As I grew older, a love of timber led me to London, where working under the tutorship of master builder, Nick Holt, I completed my carpentry apprenticeship. Working in some of the finest houses in London of Andrew Lloyd Webber and Cameron MacIntosh, my eyes were opened to great architecture and a wider group of master craftsmen.

From Peter Stutchbury's house, I went to work on many of his projects until the opportunity came along to work for his mentor and great friend and arguable one of Australia's great Architects, Richard LePlastrier. The opportunity to work on his house was a dream come true. Building the Phoenix from the ashes of his old house that burnt down, was a life changing experience.

This led me to push on and get my builders licence to enable me to build complete houses for Architects. Pushing the boundaries and challenging me to build master houses.

Working with this vast array of genius' and gentlemen and women, has been a blessing and an honour which I have built into my philosophy of building people's homes.

We work on projects that challenge us, present new ideas to us, promote beautiful architecture and construction methods.

This is what we pride ourselves on and this is what we have built our company around. We hope we can give you the passion to build something beautiful too.